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Access tools and presentations to help advocate safe prescription drug practices for the following groups.

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Generation Rx and the Pharmacy Community

Generation Rx resources are designed to be used by anyone who wants to make a difference in their home, in their school, or in their community. While no particular type of training is necessary to use these materials, healthcare professionals are uniquely positioned to help prevent the misuse of prescription medications. They can do so by vigilant patient monitoring and education to assure the safe use of the medicines they prescribe or dispense, and they can also make valuable contributions to the growing community efforts to turn back this public health epidemic.

Pharmacists and student pharmacists have embraced Generation Rx across the country through the American Pharmacists Association, their state pharmacy associations, or in their individual practices. By educating their patients about potential consequences, they help dispel critical misperceptions about safety and legality when misusing prescription drugs. By providing instruction on proper storage and disposal, they help prevent medications from falling into the hands of those who would misuse them. By participating in community coalitions, they lend their expertise to the important work being done to develop holistic, environmental strategies for prevention. By using Generation Rx resources to give presentations in local schools and community settings, they spread the word about this serious problem and provide guidance on safe medication-taking practices.

Generation Rx was born within the pharmacy community and constitutes a call to action for pharmacists and student pharmacists to lead the charge in this life-saving battle. Please use these resources to help your patients and others in your community, from the very young to the very old, use medicines safely and avoid the potentially tragic consequences of their misuse.