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Access tools and presentations to help teach your community about safe medication practices.

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We believe that safe medication use is a critical component of building healthy communities. We strive to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills needed to use medication safely in their daily lives.


We develop engaging, research-based resources to teach safe medication practices across the lifespan, and guide others to effectively use those resources in their communities.

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Generation Rx has provided opportunities for volunteers, staff, faculty, practitioners, and private and public organizations to take an active role in community-based education since it was launched. The collaborations with these groups have grown the program from a single toolkit—focused on raising public awareness about prescription drug misuse—to a collection of toolkits, resources, and trainings.

What began as an outreach initiative of The Ohio State University, expanded to include state and national partnerships with Cardinal Health, the American Pharmacists Association, Kroger, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Extension, the academic pharmacy community, and many others. Each of these organizations and individuals contributed to the expansion of the work, some for more than a decade. They helped introduce Generation Rx education to their professional and personal communities. Together, we’ve reached more than 3 million people nationwide. We are grateful to everyone that has helped grow and support this important program!


Nicole C. Kwiek, PhD – Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University

Kenneth Hale, RPh, PhD – former Associate Director, Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery, The Ohio State University