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Elementary Student Resources

Medication Safety Patrol

Prescription and over-the-counter medicines are typically accessible and visible in our homes, and children should understand prescription and over-the-counter medication safety at an early age. What follows is a collection of age-appropriate, engaging resources that educate children about medication safety principles, equipping them with a foundation for understanding how to use medicines safely before they enter their teen and adult years. They may be used in small or large groups, as stand-alone activities, or in combination with other lessons. Some activities may be better suited for younger children (grades K-2), while others may be more appropriate for older students (grades 3-5).


Getting Started

This section provides an introduction and overview of the Medication Safety Patrol resources and how to use them. It also includes a letter to parents.

  • Elementary Presentation Trips and Tricks

    The following video was created to help presenters prepare to present the Elementary Toolkit. It includes tips and tricks on everything from talking to youth, to setting up a classroom to playing the games and activities outlined in this toolkit. It is a great resource for first-time presenters!


Activity Stations

This section includes a set of stations and a facilitator’s guide to support active learning about medication safety principles.


Medication Safety Games

This section includes games to help children learn important medication safety lessons.


Supplemental Worksheets

This section includes activities that can be added to your program.


Visual Aids

This section includes visual aids that can be used as standalone tools or with other activities.


Other Resources

FDA’s Kids Home Page
The FDA’s Kids’ Homepage is an interactive site detailing everything the FDA does and how it impacts children. The child friendly site offers quizzes, an interactive skeleton named Yorrick, opinion polls, an “In The News” section and more. Its “Health Information for Teens” provides information about drugs, other issues related to drug use and overall health.

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