Generation Rx University : Study evaluates toolkit resources

Generation Rx University: Resources for College Students was created in partnership with college students, for college students, to help prevent prescription drug misuse on college campuses and create campus environments that promote safe medication practices. As a prevention education strategy, this toolkit provides resources to deliver in-person or virtual educational programming through structured, peer-led modules that discuss general medication safety and concerns specific to prescription opioids, stimulants, and sedatives. Thus, learning outcomes center around lowering harms associated with medication misuse behaviors and teaching students how to safely and properly use medication.

Between 2021-2023, Generation Rx led a multi-institutional pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of the Generation Rx University resources as a prevention education strategy. This report summarizes the key findings of that study.

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Downing, M., Gonzalez, A., Lovatt, B.S., and Kwiek, N. (2023). Generation Rx University : Integrating Medication Safety Education into Campus Wellness. College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University: Columbus, Ohio. 

Keywords : prevention education, prescription drugs, campus prevention, undergraduate, substance misuse, wellness

For more than 15 years, GenRx faculty, students, and staff have developed a range of educational resources that discuss the foundational principles of medication safety, using techniques that are both developmentally appropriate and evidence based.