4-H and Generation Rx Unique Collaboration Creates Medicine Science and Safety Project Book for Older Elementary Students

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Medicine Science and Safety Cover

(March 18, 2021 – COLUMBUS, OH) Generation Rx has partnered with Ohio 4-H to create a new project book that helps teach older elementary students about the science and safety of medications in a fun and age-appropriate manner.

The project book, ‘Medicine Science and Safety’ was created by Generation Rx team members Cynthia Canan, PhD, director of the Generation Rx Lab at COSI, Molly Downing, PhD, associate director of Generation Rx, and Katie Summers, PhD, lecturer. The faculty members all have extensive experience in teaching science to younger audiences and explaining complex scientific ideas in an easy-to-digest way.

“We are really excited for this book because it helps walk children through science, and how medicines work, in a way that is easy to understand for their age group,” said Canan. “We hope that by utilizing these resources, children not only have a better understanding of medication safety, but also are inspired to learn more about science in general.”

There are many activities unique to the resource that introduce science and safety concepts in a fun and interactive manner. This includes a module that uses origami to explain why following directions, from a craft project or a medicine bottle, is important.

In 4-H, youth learn by doing projects that are designed to fit their needs at different ages. Through a variety of projects—from food and forestry to rockets and rabbits—4-H gives children and teens opportunities to learn life skills, to practice them, and become confident in their ability to use them in the future. This book is a natural fit into the philosophy.

“This new resource fits nicely into the existing 4-H material,” said Theresa Ferrari, Ohio 4-H healthy living program leader. “By completing the activities in ‘Medicine Science and Safety’, children are learning life skills that will help them today and always as they keep themselves and their families safe when using medication.”

‘Medicine Science and Safety’ is available to order on the 4-H website at https://extensionpubs.osu.edu/medicine-science-and-safety/, along with many other offerings through the organization.

This collaboration is just one of a long line of innovative partnerships that Generation Rx has with outside organizations to bring medication safety to a diverse group of audiences. Other recent collaborations include the Generation Rx Girl Scout Patch and new resources built specifically for use with fraternity and sorority audiences.


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