My Generation Rx Story – Joey Snowden

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Joey SnowdenI come from a family of teachers. My father and sister are both teachers at different levels of education. As a pharmacist, I wanted to find a way to give back to the community and educate people about the proper use of medications. Naturally, this combination led me to using Generation Rx as a template to teach kids how to use medications safely.
My first time providing medication safety education using a Generation Rx lesson I partnered with my sister’s 4th grade class. I worked with my sister to mix and match different activities from the Generation Rx toolkit that she and I thought the kids would enjoy. I provided this lesson the day before her class’ field day, so we were initially worried about their attention span, with field day and summer on their mind. Using the different activities such as “Medication Safety Patrol: Good Choice vs. Bad Choice” and “Candy or Medicine” the kids seemed to be actively involved and had a lot of fun while learning how to properly handle

Generation Rx provided the tools for a rewarding opportunity for me to give back
to the community and teach kids the basics of medication safety.

Joey Snowden, PharmD, is a pharmacist with the Kroger Company.