October is “Talk About Your Medicines” Month!

The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) has been working toward advancing the safe and appropriate use of medicines since 1992. This October marks NCPIE’s 29th annual “Talk About Your Medicines” month (originally called “Talk About Prescriptions” Month). This year’s theme is “Let’s Get in Sync.” NCPIE will be in partnership with the American Pharmacists Association Foundation to launch a consumer education campaign encouraging more communication between pharmacists and patients and/or caregivers. The campaign will be looking at areas where there can be more interaction – including pharmacists providing medication counseling and medication synchronization services (in which multiple medicine refills would be available at the same time each month). Synchronization works by utilizing the Appointment Based Model (ABM) and is designed to improve patient adherence. Utilizing this tool allows pharmacists and pharmacy staff members to do medication reviews every month to be aware of therapeutic and adherence issues patients may be facing. This model can help patients achieve better health outcomes – particularly those who have multiple health conditions, are taking multiple medications, and are seeing multiple health care providers. Research has shown better patient adherence with this model, and this model allows the patient to be at the center of the healthcare team.​

A post regarding this topic will be coming later this month!

(Adapted from the National Council on Patient Information and Education, talkaboutrx.org)