Team Member Spotlight: Tori Lyon

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Tori Lyon, Student Assistant and Intern
Team member since 2018
Twitter: @tlyonn

In her role as student assistant and intern, Tori helps provide administrative support to the entire team and assists in numerous outreach efforts such the Ambassadors program, social media and assisting Generation Rx customers.

What in Generation Rx makes you passionate?

Since I am still a student, I am most passionate about learning how Generation Rx works to carry out its mission in the prevention education space.  I enjoy learning about the scientific base of our work and how our efforts are tangibly making a difference through evaluation and program outcomes. 

Why do you think Generation Rx is a great program?

I think that Generation Rx is awesome because our team is made up of a unique collection of individuals who have expertise in a variety of clinical, prevention, and outreach settings.  All of these backgrounds and perspectives allow us to accomplish such wide-reaching tasks in the most effective manner possible.  

What goals do you have for Generation Rx?

My goals for the program are to continue expanding upon our Ambassador program so that more individuals can feel empowered to spread the key messages of Generation Rx.   

What are some of the Generation Rx projects you have worked on that you are most proud of?

During my first year on the team, I worked to create closed captions for all our Generation Rx videos.  I am proud of this work because completing this task allowed our video resources to become more accessible for a variety of learning formats. 

Why should people use our resources?

People should use our resources because they are highly interactive and accessible to anyone!  Our toolkits are equipped with in-depth facilitator guides that can walk anyone through the process of presenting a Generation Rx program, no matter your background or knowledge base.